People who cut turf will not pay carbon tax – Naughten

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Wednesday 1st May 2013 Local TD Denis Naughten has confirmed that the Revenue Commissioners have categorically stated to him that hoppers of peat or spreads of turf are not liable to the new carbon tax which came into effect on 1st May.   “Over the last week I have been inundated with questions on this very issue and the Revenue …

2015 reference year will destroy farming – Naughten

In Agriculture by Denis Naughten

Plans to use 2015 as the new single farm payment reference year have been described as “a disaster for active farmers locally” by local TD Denis Naughten.   “If such a proposal is included in the final reform of CAP then farmers with substantial single farm payments under the current system in the South and East of the country will …

Key questions must be answered on burger contamination -Naughten

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“While we now have a source of the contamination of burgers with horse meat, it still leaves key questions to be answered” claims Denis Naughten TD. Speaking in the Dáil recently Denis Naughten pointed out that “the AIBP group handles over one quarter of the total beef kill in Ireland and just under a quarter in Britain. It seems bizarre …

Supermarkets must take some responsibility for burger controversy

In Agriculture, Business & Jobs by Denis Naughten

Local TD, Denis Naughten has said that major international supermarkets who are driving down food prices must take some responsibility for the controversy surrounding the inclusion of equine meat in beef burgers. Speaking in the Dáil on the issue Denis Naughten said that supermarkets must take some responsibility for this issue and stand over what they sell, especially at the …

Septic tank grant welcome, but cowboys must be stopped – Naughten

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  Local TD, Denis Naughten has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for the Environment that he has approved a grant of up to €4,000 towards the cost of upgrading septic tanks throughout the country. The grant will be paid at a rate of 80% (up to a max. of €4,000) for households with an income of up to €50,000 …

Abolition of Farm Assist fails to recognise weather impact on agriculture – Naughten

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  “Budget 2013 has removed the safety net of the farm assist scheme, which was designed to acknowledge the volatility of farming, by effectively abolishing the scheme in all but name,” claims Denis Naughten TD.   There are 377 Leitrim farmers in receipt of Farm assist, with 433 in County. Roscommon and a further 1137 farm families relying on the …

Changes to Farm Assist scheme

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Reply from Minister Joan Burton:   Page 1 & Page 2   My preceding question: Dear Minister Burton, I am writing to you requesting an immediate review of plans to change the means assessment for the Farm Assist scheme which, as proposed, will have a detrimental impact on small holders who rely on this payment to remain in farming and …

NPWS must clean up act on Shannon flooding or face court–Naughten

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Dáil report seeks practical action on Shannon flooding A Dáil Committee has today called on the National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) to facilitate the immediate cleaning of silt from the River Shannon or face possible action from the European Commission. The Dáil Environment Committee called for action from the NPWS pointing out that the state agency and ultimately the …

Sheep ID manual provides much needed clarity – Naughten

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Local TD, Denis Naughten has welcomed the publication of the new step by step guide to the national sheep identification system by the Department of Agriculture. “At long last this guide provides some clarity to the confusion caused by the introduction of the new electronic identification system,” stated Denis Naughten.