letter to IBEC on beef talks

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                                    ‪Earlier today I called to IBEC HQ with a letter calling on them to intervene to ensure that Meat Industry & Supermarkets attend beef talks #ComeToTheTable‬

IBEC must intervene to bring meat industry back to the table – Naughten

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Rural Ireland set to become 40 shades of yellow instead of green Denis Naughten is calling on IBEC, the umbrella organisation for Meat Industry Ireland, to directly intervene in the beef dispute and ensure that both it and Retail Ireland, which represents the major supermarkets, get around the negotiating table before irreparable damage is caused to the beef industry. “Walking …

Beef farmer must have secure share of supermarket price – Naughten

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Farmer margin dropping by 1.7% each year Addressing the Agriculture Committee this afternoon, Denis Naughten TD said “we must bring about a situation where beef farmers have a fixed share of the price paid by supermarket customers for their product”. “A lot of the anger expressed by farmers is around cattle specifications and supermarkets need to provide a justification for …

Agriculture committee must be vehicle to unlock beef impasse – Naughten

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“The Dail Agriculture Committee should call all of the players in the beef sector including farm representatives, processors, supermarkets and those representing shoppers to individually present proposals to see if common ground can be found for further talks” says Denis Naughten TD “Presently we have both sides setting down preconditions for formal talks which is making it impossible to move …

Minister must not renege on ANC Budget increase – Naughten

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100% of payment must be made in September   Minister Michael Creed must not renege on the Budget increase of €23m for the Areas of Natural Constraint (ANC) payment which was agreed as part of the Budget 2019 discussions, says Denis Naughten TD. “As someone who was party to the Budget 2019 talks, it was fully understood that the €23m …

Questioning of grading accuracy leads to dramatic improvement – Naughten

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But still over 1 in 6 cattle grade less than 90% accurate     Questioning regarding the accuracy of beef grading machines by Denis Naughten has led to improvements in accuracy the local TD has claimed. “There has been a dramatic improvement in the accuracy of beef grading machines, which has improved by over one third,  since I first started …

Supermarkets must justify beef specifications – Naughten

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“Supermarkets must be included in the beef round table proposed by Minister Michael Creed to ensure that all aspects of the beef supply chain are fully examined” says Denis Naughten T.D.   “Minister Creeds intervention, while welcome, must go much further and include the supermarkets who need to provide a justification for the specifications that are being laid down by …

Beef farmers & shoppers being fleeced by secret margins – Naughten

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Price transparency must be first item on emergency beef summit agenda “The huge frustration being expressed by beef farmers right across the country is a direct result of the failure of the meat industry to provide any transparency on their margin or the price they can secure for beef on export market,” says Denis Naughten TD. Speaking at Castlerea Agricultural …

Creed must convene emergency beef summit – Naughten

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As measure of goodwill Government must fast-track ban on unfair trade “Minister Michael Creed must convene an emergency summit of all the key players in the beef sector in light of growing tensions between farmers, processors and those regulating the beef sector,” says Denis Naughten. “From my discussions with many farmers this week, it is clear that they do not …

One million cattle on their way from Brazil – what will that do for our climate? Asks Naughten

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“If the Mercosur deal is ratified it will see the equivalent of 1million cattle a year being transported up to 11,000km from South America” Denis Naughten told Dáil Éireann this afternoon.   The Roscommon Galway TD who will vote against the Mercosur deal tomorrow said that “Irish farmers get just €3.10 for every €10 paid for beef in our supermarkets …