Additional RRS places across Roscommon & Galway – Minister Naughten

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Local Minister Denis Naughten has confirmed Roscommon-Galway is to benefit from allocation of extra Rural Social Scheme places. “I’m pleased to confirm the allocation of 57 extra places under the Rural Social Scheme (RSS) that will benefit farmers across Roscommon and Galway,” stated Minister Naughten. The work carried out under the Scheme helps to support sports clubs, community services and …

Fair Deal changes for family businesses & farm families – a progressive step

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The decision by Minister Jim Daly to reform the Fair Deal Nursing home scheme and not to discriminate against family businesses and farm families has been described as “a progressive step” by Minister Denis Naughten. “This will save jobs in small businesses and maintain the viability of commercial farms while also ensuring the best possible care for those in nursing …

Naughten to push for local energy crop production

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Minister Denis Naughten has stressed the importance of rural communities and bioenergy in the future of energy policy. Speaking following a meeting with the IFA Minister Naughten said: “With plans by the ESB to burn peat in conjunction with an increased amount of biomass and wood chip in the West Offaly and Lough Ree power stations after 2019, it is …

Variation in farm penalties highlights need for overhaul – Naughten

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Significant variations in penalties applied by the Department of Agriculture following on-farm inspections across the country highlight the urgent need to overhaul the whole system, claims Roscommon Galway independent candidate Denis Naughten. “Figures revealed in randomised on-farm inspection data obtained from the Department of Agriculture shows that there is a massive variation in the average farm penalty by county. Such …

Farm anomalies in Nursing Home support must be addressed – Naughten

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The unfair discrimination against farm families and small businesses in the ‘Fair Deal’ Nursing Home Support Scheme must be addressed before it undermines the viability of such businesses, forcing people to sell the farm or close the business, states Denis Naughten. “There is unfair discrimination against family farmers and small businesses under the current scheme which allows for a three-year …

Roscommon Town ambulance service to be slashed – Naughten

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Roscommon to lose its A&E ambulances from 1st February The Roscommon Town ambulance service is to be slashed from 1st February next following confirmation that an ambulance from Roscommon Town is to be relocated to Loughglynn. This will see the Roscommon base lose a third of its ambulances during the day and half of its ambulance coverage at night. “The …

Young farmers top up welcome but 1 in 6 ignored– Naughten

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Denis Naughten TD has welcomed the allocation of the young farmers top up on the Basic Payment Scheme to thousands of farmers throughout the country but stated that he was disappointed that 1 in 6 farmers, those who established before 2008, have been ignored.

Farmers need flood assistance too – Naughten

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Denis Naughten TD has called on the Government to provide financial assistance to farmers who have lost fodder as a result of the recent flooding. He has also requested that a grant scheme for homes and communities outside the main towns also be put in place.