Denis Naughten Election Priorities 2016

Get more jobs to cross the Shannon

Key areas such as farming, agrifood and small businesses have not received the recognition they deserve and this needs to change. We need to support communities, rural towns and those who want to help themselves – people want a hand up not a hand out.

Stop people getting sick

If we are to a have an effectively run health service then we need to get the basic things right.
We must stop people getting sick by investing in prevention. But when they do get sick we need to provide timely treatment, get patients better & out of hospital quicker and back to their own homes as soon as possible.

Ensure that every child leaving primary school can read & write

By reforming the way that we pay child benefit by tying the payment directly to school attendance can make savings of up to €70m each year. But more important than just the cost savings, by targeting these funds at children with learning difficulties and from vulnerable homes, we can ensure that they get every chance within our education system.