Tax Back Campaign

In Business & Jobs, News by Denis Naughten

Each year the Revenue takes over €500 million more than it is entitled to from the country’s tax payers and the responsibility lies with individuals to reclaim the overpaid taxes. On average taxpayers could be entitled to as much as €500 in overpaid taxes.

PAYE workers more than most are less likely to claim their full tax free entitlement and the most common areas where they fail to secure tax relief are bin charges, medical expenses and trade union subscriptions.

Other categories where ordinary tax payers are making substantial overpayments include tax credits for caring for the elderly and children and maternity benefit where it is paid directly to the employer.

Revenue have now developed new applications “apps” to assist the public in making a tax reclaim (see below) or you can contact the Revenue Commissioners directly on 1890 777 425 and quoting their PPS number.