Better broadband on the moon – Naughten

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Rural jobs threatened by lack of broadband The lack of good broadband access has been to the fore on during the election campaign to date, states Independent candidate Denis Naughten. “Over the campaign so far I’ve been inundated with complaints from rural businesses, start-ups and families who still cannot get decent speed broadband,” explained Denis Naughten. “The lack of decent …

Naughten supports next Saturday as local business Saturday

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Local TD Denis Naughten has urged people to support their local town by shopping locally and supporting local jobs this Saturday 5th December. The objective by small local businesses across the country is to let consumers know that if they shop local, then they support local jobs and businesses.

Are you paying too much tax?

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Are you losing out?
Each year the Revenue takes over €500 million more than it is entitled to from the country’s tax payers and the responsibility lies with individuals to reclaim the overpaid taxes.

Future Jobs

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Naughten assists students with career & college choices
Recent studies have shown that half of Leaving Certificate students feel unprepared for the CAO form and that half of parents do not believe they know enough to advise their children about what course or area of study to pursue in college.