Tax Back Campaign

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the country’s tax payers and the responsibility lies with individuals to reclaim the overpaid taxes. On average taxpayers could be entitled to as much as €500 in overpaid taxes.

Local public sector sets agenda to protect pay and services

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Fine Gael’s plans to modernise public services, which will protect the frontline, ensure public sector pay is not hit and support the taxpayer, can be driven from within the public sector, Denis Naughten has stated. “The expertise needed to modernise the public service already exists within the public service itself and nobody knows better how services need to improved than …

Naughten calls for changes to PRSI rules for self employed

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The rules governing PRSI contributions by the self employed which prevent access to State support are causing financial hardship for some families and need to be reviewed, Denis Naughten has stated. “There are many self employed people who now find themselves without work and who are not covered by PRSI as a result of the rules governing contributions by the …

Jobs plan urgently needed as local communities face scourge of emigration – Naughten

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The ESRI’s latest emigration predictions that 1000 people a week are set to leave Ireland this year alone has to shock the Government onto action, claims Denis Naughten. “We must have a jobs plan and we need it now. Local communities and football teams now have to face the grim prospect of being decimated by the scourge of emigration,” stated Denis …

Unfair budget keeps people on dole & punishes those who cannot work- Naughten

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“The long promised budget has failed to provide much needed hope for a brighter future which the people of this country urgently need” claims Denis Naughten. The budget policy seems to be to cut the supports to those who cannot work, and take away the opportunities for those who want to work & force those on low pay out of …