Jobs plan can create and protect employment – Naughten

In News by Denis Naughten


Denis Naughten and Simon Coveney pictured at the Athlone Springs Hotel highlighting the distance to existing fibre network which could be used to deliver broadband to homes throughout the area.

Plan will address South Roscommon water problems

With 1000 people a week predicted to emigrate this year alone Ireland urgently needs Fine Gael’s Five Point Plan to create jobs and growth, Denis Naughten has stated.

He has also outlined how Fine Gael plans will help to both create and protect employment in Athlone and South Roscommon.

“We have seen a total absence of any job creation plan from this Government which has resulted in an entire generation of long-term unemployed,” stated Denis Naughten. “We urgently need a targeted solution. That’s why Fine Gael has launched a 5 Point Plan for Recovery.

“This plan will see an additional €7 billion invested over the next four years in ‘next generation’ infrastructures in energy, broadband, forestry and water. This investment will have a positive impact on business costs and external competitiveness.

“It will give a long term future to our power stations in Shannonbridge and Lanesboro while also providing a cash crop for local farmers in relation to the growing of bio-mass. The plan will also address the ongoing issues regarding poor water supplies in South Roscommon and will ensure clean, drinkable tap water.”

He also confirmed that the plan will deliver high-speed broadband to one million homes across the country. “We currently have a situation where we have a network of State owned fibre cable with no cohesive plan on how to deliver on the roll-out of broadband. We want to use the existing fibre network – which is owned by Board Gais, ESB and CIE – as the backbone to support the roll out of high-speed broadband directly to people’s home,” stated Denis Naughten.

He added: “Local communities and football teams now have to face the grim prospect of being decimated by the scourge of emigration. We must provide hope and a Government with the ambition and vision to implement plans to address Ireland’s economic challenges.

“Fine Gael is the only Party to offer plans to tackle youth unemployment. Our NewERA stimulus package, employment-focused tax cuts and support for small businesses will help to reduce unemployment across all age profiles. In addition, our ‘Hope for a Lost Generation’ policy will directly target youth unemployment with workshare schemes like those in Germany and the US, a National Internship Programme and by increasing the number of places available on further education and retraining programmes.”

Denis Naughten added: “The priority must be to ensure that no young person falls into the long-term unemployment trap and in the process loses their chance to participate fully in society. We must guarantee places in education, training, community employment and Government-sponsored internship for any young person who is on social welfare.

“We have now gone from a situation during the time of the last Fine Gael led Government where we were creating 1,000 jobs/week to a situation where 1,000 people/week are leaving Ireland.”

The map highlights the existing fibre network across the country which could be used to deliver high speed broadband to homes.