Naughten welcomes revamp of disabled permits

In Health, Older People by Denis Naughten

Local TD, Denis Naughten has welcomed a reform of the disabled driver parking permit scheme which will dramatically reduce the fraudulent use of such permits.

The new changes come into law on 1st June and will also increase the size & availability of some disabled parking bays, which will be of benefit to all road users.

Not only is the illegal use of disabled parking permits an important issue, but so too is the fact that such reserved parking spaces are regularly being used illegally by able-bodied drivers.

Drivers who use wheelchairs are particularly dependent on these spaces. It is therefore important that people remember that illegal parking, even for a short period, causes great inconvenience and even hardship” concluded Denis Naughten.

Copy of minister’s announcement

Published on Monday 11th April 2011

Varadkar revamps Disabled Parking Permits

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has overhauled the Disabled Parking Permits Scheme with a view to increasing the availability of disabled parking bays for those who need them most.

The revamp follows a comprehensive review of the existing scheme, carried out in association with the Irish Wheelchair Association and the Disabled Drivers’ Association.

Speaking today Minister Varadkar said…

This is the most significant and positive shake-up of the Disabled Parking Scheme since it began 12 years ago. The new changes will introduce tangible, practical improvements in the way the scheme operates. It will reduce the fraudulent use of permits, give new powers to local authorities and, most importantly, make sure that more specific disabled parking bays are available to those who need them most

Key changes include:
Changing the medical eligibility criteria for the Disabled Person’s Parking permit;

New measures to reduce the fraudulent use of permits;

An increase in the size of some types of parking bays;

The introduction of new types of disabled parking bays;

Giving powers to local authorities to introduce time restricted parking spaces;

New set-down and pick-up only disabled spaces.

The Minister has signed the necessary Regulations to bring in the changes on 1st June 2011