Second national poll on long COVID

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The most recent survey of the incidents of long COVID in Ireland now shows that one in every ten adults in Ireland have experienced the symptoms of long COVID.


You can access the data behind this poll of adults in Ireland on self-reported symptoms of long COVID by leading polling company, Ireland Thinks, which I commissioned.


This self-declaration by survey respondents is up from 6% of adults claiming that they had experienced long COVID symptoms

just four months ago: 6% of adults in Ireland living with symptoms of long COVID – Naughten – Denis Naughten

I have commissioned this research due to my sheer frustration in trying to source data from the HSE on the incidence of long COVID, waiting lists, referrals etc.

As I said in a previous analysis of the last set of poll data, I would normally take an opinion poll on the self-reporting incidence of an illness with a pinch of salt, but the previous figures correlate very closely with an analysis that I carried out previously based on academic research published in 2022.

Have a read of my analysis here: Long COVID opinion poll supports findings of separate research and data on incidence – Denis Naughten


Here is the data from the very first national poll on long COVID:

First national poll on long COVID – Denis Naughten